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Smoking 120 ml ejuice At Work

Vape smokers are increasing today due to the banning of cigarette smoking in majority of public places. We can’t blame these people why they banned these air killers because not only it is foul smelling but also second hand smoking can be more dangerous than smoking itself.

That is why instead of a stick of cigarette, they just buy 120 ml ejuice  for their electronic cigarettes and they are ready to go. But, why is it more accepted to smoke them?

Why Vaping Is Accepted

  • No foul smell – unlike the huge amount of nicotine plus other components found in a stick, an electronic cigarette still contains nicotine but in a minimum amount plus the smoke comes from the different flavored juices that you purchase on stores. It means you can smoke while you and the people around you can enjoy the sweet or aromatic smell
  • Less Dangerous – misconceptions regarding electronic cigarette is spreading that it is less dangerous than the stick. According to studies, this was proven true, but that doesn’t mean you are safe. High volume usage of vape can still be equalized to a single or a pack of cigarette

  • More Classy – compare the idea of smoking a cigarette versus using a vape. Since the latter is more expensive to use, including the juice and its parts, using this device could give you a certain social status. Since office is a formal setting, it is inappropriate to use something that seemed off the environment. Perhaps you should take it outside instead if you want to smoke a cigarette
  • Leads to Quit Smoking – majority of those who want to quit smoking uses vape as a transition since it contains less nicotine. That also explains why people won’t stop you from using it since it may be beneficial for you in the long run