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Back in 1999, Sujith Mathews, a native of Pathanamthitta district, Kerala was a final year engineering student in Coimbatore. Filled with ambition and aspirations, he decided to do his masters program in the US.  He sought advice from numerous people in Ranny without luck.  He took the GRE test and sought out admission in various colleges by himself without any professional help.

Sujith looks back and clearly remembers stumbling along a rough path.  He says “Life was difficult.  Not knowing the correct path to fulfill your aspirations is a sure recipe for frustration and disappointment.”  He feels that students at bigger cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai were at a definite advantage over students from Coimbatore or Kerala due to their easy access to professional training institutes and counsellors.

“ Good advice is priceless. Your odds for success and financial aid increase when you get better advice.  If only I had had good advisors, my path to a US education may have been much smoother.”

Today life is good for Sujith. He finished his MS in the US, has worked for great US companies including IBM, ESI and Proficient Technologies.  In addition to his current job as a technology consultant, he has launched ‘testclassroom.com’, an online GRE and GMAT training service aimed at students around the world.

Testclassroom.com service offerings

Testclassroom.com offers GRE & GMAT training for students around the world.  Sujith feels “a student in Kanyakumari (India) or Kathmandu (Nepal) or Kampala (Uganda) should have access to training of the same quality as students in larger cities around the world”.  To achieve this goal, he commissioned a team of experts to develop a curriculum for GRE and GMAT preparation that can be imparted over the Internet to students wherever they may be.  The training will be focused on teaching techniques that will be applied to actual questions from past GRE and GMAT exams. The techniques are meant to increase a student’s accuracy and speed in a standardized test.  Sujith says “the end result will be a significant improvement in test scores.”